What is the Task Force?

The Task Force is a joint initiative between then Association of Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Specialists (AGS) and the British Drilling Association (BDA) established to shine a 'Spotlight' on the UK Ground Investigation industry. The initiative intends to gauge and provide feedback on the current state and standard of the UK Ground Investigation industry. In 2016 a survey was released for all members of the UK GI Industry to undertake in order to begin the process of assessing the current state and standard of the sector.

Results and Feedback

Feedback from the surveys has been delivered in the form of weekly Bulletins. This method of delivery has been chosen in order to break the large amount of data down into 'bitesize' chunks for easy consumption and deliberation. It is hoped that these short, sharp deliveries of data will engage readers interest and give them time to digest all of the data. The Task Force encourage further discussion after each Bulletin, in particular regarding the recommended and best next-steps for the initiative.

Latest Bulletin

Below is the latest Bulletin from the Task Force that provides feedback from 2016's UK-wide survey on the state of the UK Ground Investigation Industry.

Bulletin No.11

Bulletin No.11

Improving the uptake of the Technical Standards